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  • Servo BWS 20R en flight

    Servo BWS 20R is the perfect alliance between an automatic Beam, Wash and Spot (BWS). It is equipped with an OSRAM Sirius HRI 440W lamp, allowing it to obtain a lighting of 120 000 lux at 20m in Beam mode (2°), thanks to its high quality optics. Servo BWS 20R is equipped with CYM color mixing system and linear CTO, 2 color wheels, a fixed gobos wheel, a rotary gobos wheel, 3 prisms and a frost. ...

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  • Servo BWS 10R en flight-case

    This powerful beam wash fixture is equipped with a 10R lamp (280W). It has a wheel of 13 colors + white, 9 rotating and 14 fixed gobos. It also loads 2 rotating prisms, one linear 6 facets and one conventional 8 facets. Fast and efficient, Servo Beam 10R is a perfect hybrid luminaire.

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  • Servo Beam 10R IP

    Servo Beam 10R IP is a beam spot automatic projector designed for outdoor use thanks to its IP55 rating. Equipped with a 10R lamp of 280W, it features a 14-position color wheel, a 14-position fixed gobo wheel and a 9-position rotary / indexable gobo wheel. It also embeds 2 rotating prisms: a linear prism of 6 facets and a conventional prism of 8 facets. It comes with an optional frost which can ...

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  • SERVO BEAM 5R en Flight-Case

    ServoBeam 5R is a beam moving head including a Yodn 5R lamp. ServoBeam 5R is equipped with a wheel of 14 colors + white, a 17 fixed gobos + open wheel and a rotating 8-facet prism. Thanks to its 3,8° high optical precision block, it offers a very bright and narrow beam. This product also loads a frost which can be used as a wash, a focus and a strobe from 0.5 to 9 fps. ServoBeam 5R works in DMX ...

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  • Servo Beam 2R en flight-case

    Servo Beam 2R is equipped with an OSRAM Sirius HRI 132W lamp, providing a light intensity of 55 000 lux at 15m. Servo Beam 2R is also equipped with a color wheel of 14 colors + white, 7 fixed gobos + open and a rotating 8-facet prism. The lens of Servo Beam 2R allows an opening angle of only 2°. Furthermore it has a focus, a strobe and a frost. Equipped with powerCON in/out connectors.

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