Colors changer

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  • ToneKolor 4406HD

    ToneKolor 4406HD is a wash projector equipped with 44 x 6W RGBW LEDs, particularly adapted for architectural lighting or any outdoor event, thanks to its IP65 rating, its flow of 1 200 lux at 5m and its 35° lenses, with a power consumption of only 260W. It is also very effective for stage and decorative lighting.

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  • CityKolor 5410HD en flight-case

    CityKolor 5410HD is a color changer especially designed for outdoor use thanks to its IP65 rating for illuminating large areas, but it can also be used indoors. It is equipped with 2 independently adjustable modules of 27 CREE 10W RGBW LEDs. Each LED module allows to develop a light intensity of 1 600 lux at 5m for an opening of 45°. CityKolor 5410HD is also equipped with a Wireless Solution ...

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