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  • F1Kolor HD

    F1 Kolor HD is a 15W RGBW LED Pin Spot with a beam angle of 4°. It's the come-back of the PAR 36, providing all the benefits of the RGBW LED technology, DMX control and IR remote control. F1 Kolor HD comes with 2 removable lenses with different beam angles.

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  • NanoKolor HD MKIII

    NanoKolor HD is a 4 in 1 10W LED Projector, equipped with a 20° lens and a 0 to 20 Hz strobe. Its simplified electronic control, through an integrated interface, allows access to many macros. This projector can be managed in stand alone or DMX mode. Includes a 1.5 m power supply cable and signal equipped with 3-pin XLR connectors.

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  • TrussKolor 710UHD

    The TrussKolor UHD are 6 in 1 LEDs RGBAW + UV projectors. This luminaire can be used in rectangular or triangular trusses, but also as a replacement of an amber box. They can be controlled by DMX (RDM compatible) or IR remote control (included).

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