E-Box 512

  • E-Box 512
  • E-Box 512
  • E-Box 512

e-Box512 and e-Box 1024 are DMX management boxes linked to the e-Soft software, especially dedicated to LED management. e-Soft is nevertheless capable of controlling any DMX product from lyre to smoke machine through simple dimmer channels. In DMX LED management we are often confronted with an impressive number of channels that e-Soft will manage without any problem (4 DMX universes). e-Soft's User-Friendly interface offers you the ability to master e-Soft surprisingly easily and quickly. The software can be mastered in as little as 30 minutes allowing it to be used by both professionals and novices. Experienced users can confidently put the software in the hands of someone with no DMX programming experience. The software is optimized to handle all LED products and any type of DMX fixture with its advanced 16-bit management on any function.

Technical characteristics

USB 2.0 to 1 x 512 DMX channels (E-Box 1024
Up to 132 independent DMX channels
DMX sequence starts automatically when the interface is powered with 5V
Triggering of scenes by infrared remote control

E-Soft software

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Czech, Brazilian, Dutch
User-friendly scene & program editor mode
Effects generator for RGB colors and Pan/Tilt movements
Graphical DMX addressing via patch and dedicated tools
DMX library editor, easy and fast to use with over 2000 existing library files
Advanced matrix editor to allow all matrix configurations (integration of images, videos, texts,...)
Live mode for triggering sequences (compatible with touch screens thanks to large buttons)
Real time visualization of DMX512 output levels
Manager to modify the speed of the DMX signal
PC, MAC and Linux compatibility with 32 & 64 bit systems

The editor mode includes the following features:
Ability to control more than 100 fixtures on 2048 DMX channels on 4 universes
Simulation and visual rendering of RGB colors and Dimmer intensities
Graphical organization of all fixtures helping to select them more easily
All the functions of the connected fixtures in a list of presets
Automatic or manual management of RGB channels (W/A/Y)
Fade time management between programs and scenes