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  • SuperKolor HD MKII

    Superkolor HD is a fixture with 7 x 15W quad color LEDs for a perfect and evenly spread color mixing. Motorized zoom from 8 to 40°, variable strobe macros, selectable dimming curves, flicker free operation for TV and Film. Color temperature presets from 3 200K to 10 000K. This projector is controllable in DMX and master/slave mode.

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  • ZoomKolor HD

    ZoomKolor HD is a unique LED luminaire in the lighting field, applying with brand-new HSIC color mixing system. With a 4.5° - 45° zoom, excellent color mixing without any color shadows and extremely clean light projection, ZoomKolor HD is an outstanding tool for professional light designers, in order to fulfill lighting projects for TV, studio, theatre, concerts, small or medium events.

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  • PcKolor HD

    Light and powerful, PcKolor HD is a PC projector equipped with a COB LED 180 W RGBW to obtain a perfect color mix. This projector can be controlled by remote control, by application (Android or iOS) or wireless DMX via the AirBox (compatible BoxKolor and MiniDisplay). Ability to create up to 16 presets. They are particularly suitable for lighting scenes or stands.

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  • FullKolor HD

    FullKolor HD is a professional luminaire featuring 14 RGBW LEDs fitted into a single matrix. FullKolor HD is the first choice in terms of quality and performances for all professional light design projects in medium and large size environments.

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  • StormLite HD

    StormLite HD is a 800W RGBW hybrid LED projector for a maximum flow of more than 38000 lumens. It is a high power color stroboscope, but usable as a Wash projector without any limit on its duration. Its innovative LED management system allows you to enjoy the same power per color as a 800W projector while limiting the total power to a value that provides great stability of the illumination in the ...

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  • NanoKolor HD MKIII

    NanoKolor HD is a 4 in 1 10W LED Projector, equipped with a 20° lens and a 0 to 20 Hz strobe. Its simplified electronic control, through an integrated interface, allows access to many macros. This projector can be managed in stand alone or DMX mode. Includes a 1.5 m power supply cable and signal equipped with 3-pin XLR connectors.

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  • StrongLite HD

    StrongLite HD is a 1100W RGBW hybrid LED floodlight delivering more than 30000 Lumens. It is a color stroboscope of high power, but usable as a Wash projector without any limit on its duration. Its innovative LED management system allows you to enjoy an illumination per color equivalent to a projector of 1100W by limiting the total power to 500W, in order to ensure a great stability of the flow ...

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  • FloodLite HD

    FloodLite HD is a LED blinder equipped with a 200W COB RGBW LED for maximum color efficiency. It is also equipped with halogen simulation. Optional accessories : bracket for 2 FloodLites, horizontal and square bracket for 4 FloodLites, round bracket for 8 Floodlites

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  • F1Kolor HD

    F1 Kolor HD is a 15W RGBW LED Pin Spot with a beam angle of 4°. It's the come-back of the PAR 36, providing all the benefits of the RGBW LED technology, DMX control and IR remote control. F1 Kolor HD comes with 2 removable lenses with different beam angles.

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  • Premier produit PAR 36

    Starway est née avec le PAR 36 et en 2016 nous avons ré-inventé celui-ci avec le F1Kolor HD

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