StarMedia 3,8

  • StarMedia 3,8
  • StarMedia 3,8
The StarMedia 3,8 Video Panel allows to create high performance video displays for both outdoor and indoor use. This new generation technology saves energy with less power consumption and less heat release. Ultra-light thanks to its die cast aluminium structure, its installation is easy and fast. Its modular design (4 modules per panel) and its independent power supply / management unit allow easy maintenance.


Technical characteristics

Pixel pitch: 3,8 mm 
LED type : 1919SMD, BlackBody
Brightness max : 3000 nits 

Panel resolution: 150x150
Consumption: < 270W (average) 


Die Cast aluminium structure
Outdoor and Indoor use 

Panel size: 576x576x80 mm 
Weight: 10,5 kg 

Novastar control system Armor series