Scenic decoration

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  • Callisto

    Callisto is a new generation LED bar equipped with 10 3W warm white LEDs 4° type "Beam" and 60 RGB 5050 LEDs arranged in a matrix offering a multitude of possibilities for creating images. Callisto can be controlled in DMX, in ArtNet, but also thanks to the innovative KlingNet protocol developed by Arkaos, which allows the interpretation of video data in real time.

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  • Maxi Vega en flight-case

    Qu'importe votre façon de l'utiliser, le MAXI VEGA deviendra rapidement le partenaire indispensable de vos conceptions lumière, en éclairement, en effet, en strobe ou en déco. Il vous apporte la couleur chaude propre aux effets tungstène, tout en boostant votre créativité grâce aux possibilités infinies de programmation

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  • Mini Vega en flight-case

    No matter how you use it, the MINI VEGA will quickly become the indispensable partner of your designs, for lighting, effects or decoration. MINI VEGA brings you the warm tungsten effect color, while boosting your creativity thanks to the endless programming possibilities of its LEDs, arranged in 2 RGB rings, inside and outside.

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  • Orion en Flight-Case

    Thanks to its 7 halogen lamps fixed on a pivoting hoop, the new Orion projector brings to your highlights a new aesthetic. Orion is piloting in DMX lamp by lamp, or by recalling internal programs. Its dimmer offers perfect linearity from 0 to 100%. It is the ideal projector to sublimate the scenic decoration, the production of effects or the traditional lighting. Orion adapts to all situations ...

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  • VEGA

    With a truely vintage look, VEGA is a genuine modern luminaire that will seduce light designers by giving them access to warm colors similar to tungsten effects, while boosting their creativity thanks to the infinite programming of its 462 LEDs, arranged in two rings, inner and outer, controllable segment by segment. VEGA will quickly become your indispensable partner of scenic decoration, in all ...

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