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  • TITAN 1230HDL

    Cyclokolor 1230HDL is a LED bar designed for professional use. Its optic system specially designed to light up plane surfaces combined with a new 5 color mixing, RGB, Amber and Lime, gives an exceptional range of colors. Cyclokolor 1230 HDL can also be used in a pixel to pixel fixture in order to create for example color waves on a wall, allowing a flexible solution for every kind of application, ...

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  • TITAN 430 HDL

    Barre de LEDs spécialement étudiée pour l'éclairage de surfaces planes, Titan 430HDL est équipée de 4 blocs de LEDs RGBA et Lime de 30 W. Le mélange de couleurs innovant utilisant l'addition de l'ambre et du Lime au traditionnel RGB permet, une fois de plus, d'augmenter la palette de couleurs, autant dans les couleurs saturées que dans les pastels. Les barres de LEDs TItan peuvent ...

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  • ARIANE 1430FC

    Ariane 1430FC is an IP65 bar equipped with 14 RGB 3 in 1 30W LEDs. With a beam angle of 33°, it delivers an illumination of 1 790 lux at 3 m. Its 14 LEDs are controllable one by one to diversify the uses and adapt to multiple environments.

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  • SticKolor 1210UHD

    Stickolor 1210UHD is a bar of 12 10W RGBAW + UV LEDS, equipped with a 50° lens. The 12 LEDs can be managed individually. Supplied with a barn door and a frost, this luminaire can be used in many applications.

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  • Callisto

    Callisto is a new generation LED bar equipped with 10 3W warm white LEDs 4° type "Beam" and 60 RGB 5050 LEDs arranged in a matrix offering a multitude of possibilities for creating images. Callisto can be controlled in DMX, in ArtNet, but also thanks to the innovative KlingNet protocol developed by Arkaos, which allows the interpretation of video data in real time.

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