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  • Servo Blade 15K en Flight-Case

    Servo Blade 15K is the new version of the Servo Spot 15K including now a full rotative framing shutter system. Equipped with a 420W LED engine, Servo Blade 15K has a full CYM color mixing system and a separate linear CTO, a 9 position color wheel, 8 position rotative gobo wheel and a 7 position fixed gobo wheel. Thanks to its optical system, Servo Blade 15K offers a 7 to 50° zoom, iris, frost ...

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  • Servo Spot 15K en flight-case

    Servo Spot 15K luminaire has a light output over 16 000 lumens from a 420W LED engine and is equipped with CYM color mixing system and linear CTO, a color wheel of 8 colors plus white, 7 rotating gobos + open, 7 fixed gobos + open, incredibly quick zoom from 7 to 50° and focus, a 3-facet prism, iris and progressive frost. RDM compatible.

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  • Servo Pix 10K en Flight-Case

    Servo Pix10K is a wash/beam automated luminaire equipped with 19 Osram 40W RGBW LEDs, offering a fantastic wide color range with a fast zoom from 4 to 36°. Fast and powerful, it will perfectly suit all uses. The 19 LEDs can be driven independently (pixel to pixel) to generate patterns, both with the internal generator and DMX, Art-Net or Kling-Net.

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  • Servo Color 10K en Flight-Case

    Servo Color 10K is an automated luminaire equipped with 37 x 15W RGBW LEDs. Fast and powerful, it combines a wash and beam with a zoom from 7 to 42°, but also a graphic pattern generator thanks to its pixel to pixel management, through the internal generator or the external DMX, Art-Net or Kling-Net management.

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  • Servo Color 4K en Flight-Case

    Servo Color 4K is an RGBW wash luminaire, equipped with 19 x 15W LEDs. Very fast and powerful, it also features a new specific color mixing system and an optimized lens with a fast zoom from 10 to 48°.

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